"I spent the day with Kim Kardashian and her Makeup Artist" 

"Zagreb’s Kornelija Slunjski has been living in New York for a few years now where she is making her dreams come true, and when she got the opportunity to meet the famous makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic and see him in action- she did everything she can to make it happen!"


"Croatian Girl that's hanging out with Kim K in New York"

"We found out how it all started and how much effort and hard work, stands behind success.
Young, talented and ambitious- that’s what best describes the blond beauty Kornelija Slunjski, girl from Zagreb who is trying to make her dreams come true in New York, and a lot of them already did!"


"Interview: Kornelija Slunjski, Makeup Artist" 

"Young makeup artist from Zagreb, Kornelija Slunjski, is making her dreams come true in New York- she has been doing makeup since childhood,, but she says she never stops learning, and growing as a person, she has a serious relationship and she is gorgeous! Her lifestyle-the way it looks from the outside, glamorous and high end- could be a part of "Sex and the CIty" and she can step into Carry Bradshaw's shoes."


"Croatian MUA with a NYC address brings 3 beautiful party makeup looks" 

"To help with your holiday makeup looks, we talked to our Beauty expert Kornelija Slunjski who suggested 3 genius ideas that will not leave you unnoticed."

Kornelija Slunjski

"Beauty Expert Kornelija Slunjski reveals all secrets of Beauty Blogger's flawless complexions!" 

"Kornelija knows how girls can get discouraged when looking at one-minute makeup transformations by beauty bloggers, and she wanted to show step by step, how easy it actually is to get flawless looking skin."


"Our Beauty Expert Kornelija Slunjski critiques celebrities makeup"

"Lindsay Lohan's court trial photo inspired us to reach out to our beauty addict and consultant, Kornelija Slunjski, to see what excatly could go wrong with this makeup application ."


"Kornelija in New York: Life in Croatia now seems to me like being on vacation 24/7!" 

"Kornelija was born in Ogulin, but soon moved to Zagreb with her family, where she was raised. Ever since she was a little girl, beauty & fashion industry have been something she is relating to, and became a major part of her identity. In her teenage years, she was as a model & brand ambassador for many cosmetic companies but soon her talent as a makeup artist was discovered." 


"Make-up by Kornelija: A face full of highlighter doesn't have to look fake!" 

"On Pics, Glowy look seems great, but in person not so much. We asked our fav mua how to achieve a natural looking glow". 


"Learn how beauty experts take care of their skin!" 

"I think that a lot of girls today make a mistake and invest so much money into makeup and forget to take care of their skin. You'd be surprised to know how many girls admitted they don't use any skin care products that shocks me over and over again."


"Fuller lips naturally by Kornelija Slunjski" 

"our favorite makeup artist with an international address is showing you how to some of the tricks you can use to achieve a makeup look with fuller lips, no injections needed. read her tips below" 


"Makeup Artist Kornelija Slunjski explaining what are your breakouts telling you"

"Everyone's body is unique but breakouts on your skin are caused by a couple of common factors; our beauty expert Kornelija is explaining how you can discover health issues if you look at the breakouts you have on your face"

Kornelija Slunjski

"5 Steps to a Successful Career as a Makeup Artist in the Beauty Industry”

"There are qualities you need to have to be successful in the beauty industry that have nothing to do with makeup. Here are 5 tips to building a successful career as a makeup artist in the hyper-competitive beauty industry.”


"Croatian beauty influencer reveals how can you succeed on Instagram"

"Looks like Instagram Influencers are not going anywhere any time soon. If you are still a part of the crowd who doesn't understand how that world works, keep on reading."